Just In Case…

My wife and I wanted to let everyone know that…

-We will never post a suicide note on this blog.

-We don’t belong to a militia.

-We aren’t stockpiling guns or ammo.  We just have a shotgun and a killer dwarf rabbit for protection.

-We love the IRS and the government. LOL

-We don’t know how to fly or land a plane.  Or crash one.

-We are not right or left wing nut jobs, but we do believe in the Constitution and the American Dream.

-We are not radical Muslims.  I’m Irish (not IRA), and my wife is Polish.

-We have never been involved with any government contractors.

-We have never been visited by the FBI, BATF, IRS, CIA, or the DHS.  Yet.

-We are not part of a cult.

-We are not “deranged individuals”.

-We can’t be off our meds because we take no meds to begin with.

-We do not do illegal drugs and we don’t drink alcohol.

-We don’t sit in our garage all the time clinging to our Bible and our gun.  Yet.

-We don’t own a U-Haul truck.

-We don’t own any fertilizer.

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From the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 to the deaths of Founding Fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1826, we had 50 years to the day of pure, God given freedoms. On July 5, 1826, that all changed.

We need to fight back against tyranny so we can get back to those 50 years of our Republic's birth.

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