I’ve Figured Out Why Apple Did A Stock Split

For those who don’t know about this yet, it happened 02/25/2010.


To all who trade this manipulated lunacy, you have our sympathies. A 1% market move equates to well over $100 billion in market capitalization. And this value just materialized because Apple stock will (allegedly) be $50/share instead of $200, so the quadrillions in cash on the sidelines can buy buy 4 shares where before they could buy one. Just brilliant. Goldman/JPM/33 Liberty just raped everybody for lunch. And to complete the lunacy, this just made top Bloomberg news. The absurdity is just surreal. In other news, the Greek revolution will be televized in 1 minute YouTube 360×240 mp4 clips via iPhone.

I’m in no way, shape or form a stock market expert, but I know this doesn’t happen every day.  The last time I heard this happening was in the late 90’s.

What Apple has essentially done, is give up control to their company to the government.  They have to do something as drastic and sneaky as this to hide all the connections.  What this does, is it gives the government TOTAL control of keeping track of us.  Apple was the last piece of the puzzle.

-IBM has been in bed with the government from the time they started their company.  IBM’s first computer was used to track people at the Nazi concentration camps.


-Microsoft has been under government control for some time now, if not from the start.  Notice how Bill Gates has been promoting population “control” lately?


Possibly, Gates even mentioned that his dad, William H Gates Sr is a board member of Planned Parenthood and a quick search of the American Eugenics Society Records shows Bill’s dad crops up in their records. And no doubt David Rockfeller Jr confessed that his own dad, John D. Rockefeller, bankrolled the eugenics programme in Nazi Germany through the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

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