So, Why can’t we compare Obama With Hitler?

It seems if anyone compares Obama to Hitler, the media, the pundits and the politicians from both sides of the aisle get their panties in a bunch and demonizes the person who has the audacity to say that these two people are very similar.


Because it’s true.

Research what was going on in pre-WWII Germany.  The government of the United States with help of the British banks are replicating what happened there almost to the “T” today in our Republic.  The promises, the lies, the spending, the banks and major corporations dictating policy, the incredibly jacked up legislation restricting the people, the deficits, and of course, hyperinflation.

The only thing this government and the Elites haven’t attacked us with yet is hyperinflation.

It’s coming.  Oh boy, is it coming.  Do you all remember the North Korea devaluation of their their currency a few months back?  Venezuela did the same to their people.



This is what they have planned for us very soon.

As  to our part in the next World War, it’s going to be our Republic that is going to get firebombed.  It’s our turn to suffer mass casualties.  It’s going to be our turn to be destroyed so the other nations of the world will rebuild us.  Literally.

The Elites don’t just pick anyone to do this to their own country.  They picked Hitler because he was a sadistic f*ck.

This is the same reason they picked Obama to do this to our country.

These pricks always use the same playbook they’ve used previously in history.  So predictable when you start getting the facts and connect the dots.

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