Going Backwards In Time With Wind And Solar Energy

The progression of our energy sources are as follows:



-Hydro (water)





Why are the Elites wanting us to go back in time by using solar and wind power?  Back when we humans were using these energy sources, there were not too many of us on this planet.

They want to do this because they want us to live in the times of less humans who had very limited technology.  Bu, there is a problem with their plan.  There are too many of us (why are they always calling us workers instead of citizens lately?) on the planet for their solar and wind energy plans allow for.  How many people do you all think can sustain off these 2 types of energy?  At the most, 50% of us can, but I’m going to think the Elites want 25% of the current population to control.

How will the Elites de-populate the world?  Here’s what I think their plan involves:

-Hitler killed a lot of people.

-Stalin killed a lot of people.

-Mao killed a lot of people.

-Ismail Enver killed a lot of people.

-Pol Pot killed a lot of people.

-Kim Il Sung killed a lot of people.

-Get my drift here????

God is the only one allowed to either populate or de-populate this world as He decides, not the Elites.

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