When Salt Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Salt

I read today that  Assemblyman Felix Ortiz of NYC wants to ban salt at restaurants:


I guess this dumbass doesn’t know the importance of salt to the human body, and the history of salt through the ages:

-The Bible lists nearly 50 references to salt – many of them, positive references, such as the requirement of adding salt to a grain offering (Leviticus 2:13).

-Only 7% of salt manufactured goes for food; the other 93% goes to industry. Industry requires chemically pure sodium chloride for manufacture of explosives, chlorine gas, soda, fertilizers and plastics. Since refined table salt is formulated specifically for industrial and chemical usage, scant concern is given to its toxic effect on human biology.

-The salty amniotic fluid produces growth of the human embryo by 3 billion times! Life is dependent upon the presence of sodium, BUT not by itself. The sodium must be balanced out with other minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and various trace minerals. Salt activates the salivary enzyme in the mouth – the very first enzyme in the digestive process. Sodium is required by the parietal cells of the stomach wall to make hydrochloric acid for digestion. From the moment of conception humans are never without a need for salt.

-More heavily salting food at the first signs of sickness can counteract the illness.

-Salt has been treasured since the beginning of time for its life-giving properties

So, if  Assemblyman Felix Ortiz is successful of banning salt, he will join the ranks of Stalin and Mao, who also used food, or lack thereof, to kill their citizens.

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