Would We Treat The Founders Differently Today Because Of their Views?

Alexander Hamilton would be considered to be a Monarchist in today’s standards.

Benjamin Franklin would be considered a Liberal in today’s standards.

John Adams would be considered a Neo-Con in today’s standards.

Thomas Jefferson would be considered an Anarchist in today’s standards.

95% of all politicians, local, city, state and federal today, do not fit in any of these categories mentioned above.  The only categories they fit into are Traitors and Redcoats.

The Founding Fathers proved that it takes all types of people with varying ideologies to make this Republic a great and proud nation.

Can’t we all put our differences aside for a while to come together to fight the true enemy at our door?  We need to come together to root out the corruption, and we don’t need anyone from the media or any politician to tell us how to do it.  All of us know in our gut what needs to be done to put this nation back on track, why have some media hacks or a politician with a $300 haircut tell us where to go and when to go?  We, The People can do this all by ourselves, because our Founders created The United States of America for The People, not the politicians, not the banks, not the corporations, and surely not the state run media.

p.s. James Madison still wonders why his face was never put on any of our currency.  Yet, he is not bitter about it.  In no way, shape or form, is he even a tiny ounce bitter about it. =P

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From the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 to the deaths of Founding Fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1826, we had 50 years to the day of pure, God given freedoms. On July 5, 1826, that all changed.

We need to fight back against tyranny so we can get back to those 50 years of our Republic's birth.

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