Everyone Is So Distracted, You’re Playing Into The Elite’s Hands

If you all haven’t realized yet, our tyrannical government has already passed HCR, Cap & Trade.  Do you really think they’re going to tell us this fact?  No, they are busy putting on a show for us to get everyone worked up and divided while they finalize everything behind our backs, trying to get things buttoned up before they collapse the economy, which is really out of their control at this point because they haven’t done a damn thing to stop it and it’s happening at a quicker pace than even they thought it would.  There might even be someone in some other country’s government that gets a little freaked out about the speed of the collapse they’re engineering, and they just might hit a certain red button to launch WWIII on the planet.  Or some crazy bastard might just want to take advantage of the chaos that will be happening, and start launching their missiles to create the ultimate chaos.

I know it’s important to a lot of you that HCR doesn’t get “passed” right now, but I really think we ought to be looking at the very much bigger picture as to what is really going on in our nation and in the world.

Everyone should get prepared for what they have coming our way.  It is not going to be fun.

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