Who’s Going To Save Us? Really?

I just got off the phone with someone who is supposedly fighting alongside myself and everyone else who are trying to restore our freedoms.  You know what he thinks is going to happen?

He thinks that the Republicans are going to save us come election time in November of this year.

Let me get this right.

Republicans, big government politicians, are going to save us from the Democrats, another group of big government politicians.

How in the hell are big government politicians going to save us from big government politicians?

I swear to God, a lot of my friends that believe this same thing must be smoking crack alongside Obama.

Can we all do a little more research, start opening your freaking minds, and finally begin to see the truth of what is really happening to our liberties and freedoms?

Here’s a start:

-After 9/11, Bush passed the Patriot Act in the dead of night, stripping away a ton of our freedoms.

-Bush passed Medicare D, an entitlement that was unfunded.

-Both Bush’s wanted a One World Government, just like Obama is trying to do with us today.

To all my conservative friends out there – take your heads out of your asses and realize that both parties want us under Dictator rule and will do anything in their power to do it.  They both have shredded our Constitution to where you can’t even distinguish what is written on it.

They don’t give a rat’s ass about us, they only want slaves that won’t talk back to them, and do a “good day’s work”.  The only people that both of these treasonous parties care about are the Bankers and Corporations that pay them to be traitors.

Quit bowing down to these assholes, and fight for what our Founding Fathers fought for.  Fight to get back our God given rights and fight for the freedoms that have been illegally taken from us.

Both parties are guilty of treason, not just the Democrats.

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