What’s It Going To Take?

With the Elites passing HCR last night, it proves that other legislation will be passed, ignoring the American people’s wishes.

-The rest of Cap and Trade will be passed.

-Immigration Reform will be passed.

-National ID cards will be passed.

-Card Check will be passed.

-Cybersecurity will be passed.

What will it take for the American people wake up to what’s happening to us?

Will we ever wake up?

Will it take Obama going down to Mexico next month to sign the treaty that will take our guns away for us to wake up?

We are not going to stop this by “hoping” that we  can “change” things in November of this year.  November is too far away, and the Republicans won’t do a damn thing to “help” us.  They’ll say a good speech, but then again, so does Obama and the rest of the Democrats.

What’s it going to take, America?

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