The Elites Are Staging The Violence

Don’t buy into all this BS that the Democrats, and now the Republicans, are telling you about the violence happening now.  The Elites are sooooo itching to implement Martial Law on us that they are now making you think that the Conservatives are going after the Liberals, and vice-versa, when in fact, it is the Elites committing said violence.  They are setting all of us up.

First, it’s the name calling and vandalism from the right to the left, and now they are saying the left is shooting at the right.

Don’t you see what the Elites are doing?  They want us to go after each other, and they are stoking the flames because of the monstrosity that is the HCR bill and what it will do to our way of life, and are feeding off our fears.  Keep us fighting so we will never join together as one to defeat these pricks.

The Elites were wanting the Tea Party in DC this last weekend to turn violent so they could use that as an excuse to start stomping us down.  They are going to stomp all of us down, no matter our affiliations.  They are pissed that there was no violence in DC, so now they are creating it and blaming us, The People, their sworn enemy.  The Elites consider all free Americans a threat, be it anyone on the right, middle, or the left of the aisle.

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