Consumers Beware: Monsanto Is A Global Multinational Biotech-Killer


Henry Kissinger is on record calling us a bunch of “useless eaters.” Is Monsanto a depopulation tool of his liking?

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.” ~~Mahatma Gandhi

I am a person with strong moral and ethical convictions and, as a proud parent who cares, I have read many child development books — most of them have a couple of things in common — they say it’s imperative to feed our kids a well-balanced diet and they strongly advise us to lovingly hug our children as often as we can. If this is true, then I’m no longer blurry about something. The mystery is revealed; Mr. Henry (kiss of death) Kissinger is a bad-ass example of “bad nutrition” and cruel “child neglect.”

Indeed, food and water and love’s aphorism is our common ground , a universal experience to be revealed. But let’s be real, it’s also a vulnerable weak point for some people to abuse in ways unimaginable. Aside from being kind and loving to one another, if we are what we consume, we’d better be much more selective in what we eat or drink. Especially in knowing we physically and mentally grow or disfigure from that digestive starting point. After all, destroy the body and the mind dies with it.

Call me an activist dreamer. I live for the day when we can birth a healthy revolutionary movement to subdue all the crazy power-hungry carcinogenic-producing multinational bio-tech industrialists who seem determined to condemn us to miserable lives of sickness, birth defects and death. Although there are many honorable individuals and companies out there producing healthy consumer products, that demand is not being met, so affordable organic supply is slim to none. Having said that, and with no offensive pun intended, a legitimate q uestion nudges the non-nutritious lobe: Where is it mentioned anywhere in the Big Black Book that the future bread of Christ would later be dipped in 21st century arsenic?

For some time now, I have watched my America and the world fall ill in epidemic proportions while most surrender their sensibilities and concerns. I find this woefully unacceptable. I’m sure most would agree that Gandhi (quoted above) is highly regarded as one of the most optimistic spiritual deities of our century. However, I’m equally sure even Gandhi would agree that the wellspring for love and truth starts with giving our bodies a healthy nutritional chance to evolve through safe consumerism. A necessity for achieving that higher sphere of philosophical excellence and grace that he himself inspires. So I quickly recommend we lose the narrow vision and quickly find a better platter and chalice for which to wine and dine, because seed giant Monsanto is manufacturing some of the most poisonous Trojan horses the food chain has ever seen. Consumers beware, we are now trapped in a deadly chemical labyrinth!

One of the most insidious corporations to ever taint the consumer realm, Monsanto is a global killer; a maker of growth hormones in livestock, Agent Orange (dioxin), MON 810, and RoundUp Ultra, a highly concentrated Glophosate herbicide used on global agriculture crops with additional surfactants (to increase lethality). As the inventor of genetically modified (GMO) crops and food products, Monsanto is a major producer of agriculture (GMO) seeds specifically designed to yield only “sterile” seeds from farmers’ next harvests; thus, causing economic and environmental disaster for farmers at home and abroad. A maker and distributor of deadly PCB’s added to global water supplies and one of the biggest toxic-waste polluters the world has ever seen — under the worst circumstances, Monsanto is probably a conspicuous card-carrying member of Kissinger’s vehemence tha t is helping to thin the flock in what the globalists call “the great culling.”

Please take a moment and join the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) campaign to “mobilize one million consumers to end Monsanto’s global corporate terrorism.”

According to OCA, Monsanto’s Board of Directors include many high profile names such as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Secretary of Agriculture Anne Veneman. With large campaign contributions given to buy politicians, Monsanto lobbies to a host of them — former Secretary of Health (Wisconsin’s Governor), Tommy Thompson, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, former Chairman for the House Agriculture Committee Larry Combest are just a small handful on a very long list.

Plus, it’s interesting to note that, prior to being confirmed as a US Supreme Court Justice, the Anita Hill bashing, Long Dong Silver enthusiast “Clarence Thomas” was Monsanto’s “Lawyer” (sic). How convenient, they also have a powerful enabler on the highest court in the land to continue protecting them as well. . .

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but i f you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Well, I’d venture to say that if Lincoln knew the dire health consequences associated with Monsanto’s death dealing minions and — providing his voice could travel up a golfer hole from the grave — we would probably hear him ask to be re-buried several feet deeper in a more secure vacuum-sealed vault.

And nothing drives the nail further into the proverbial coffin than Phil Angell, Director of Corporate Communications when he gushed to the New York Times: “Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe biotech food, our interest is in selling as much of it as possible.” Angell added, “Assuring its safety is the FDA’s job.” Well, that would be fine and dandy if the FDA actually did its job, but that is simply not the case. Sadly, the FDA does not come even remotely close to fulfilling its government regulatory safeguarding obligations. Not with past presidential appointees heading the agen cy, and certainly not now with Obama. What a hateful monopoly game it truly is — Monsanto gets a free fucking pass around “Go” each and every time.

In addition, “Honest Abe” also said, “If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?” I guess it’s fair to say that Philly boy and the rest of the motley crew at Monsanto is a classic ambidextrous mix of Lon Chaney facial types who see fit to add cancer-causing preservatives, additives, colorings, artificial flavorings, steroids, etc., to their GMO products. In this context, “two-faced” is far too kind a depiction.

Well, as long as we’re exhuming legacies and looking for “saviors” in scarcities realm, I might as well emphasize how another great patriot made his powerful stand. We can all learn a thing or two from Nelson Mandela. He mustered immense strength, courage and determination to survive his captivity and still fight the powers that be. Well, we share some obvious common ground with this great an d noble man — we’re all prisoners now in this new terrible Eden full of sick Monsanto apples poisoning the landscape. However, regardless of the challenges we face, no one can deny that Mandela’s incredible wisdom and endurance is a valuable lesson for us to ascertain. Yes, Mandela went boldly into bondage as a martyr for his nation. He defiantly stared into the eyes of his suppressors who wrongfully held him captive for decades as a political prisoner and yet, he overcame their torture and came out on the other side even stronger as a free man who went on to help millions. Wow.

I ask you this, was he born with some magical celestial “organic” genetic cocktail from above? Seriously, along with toasting Gandhi’s spiritual cup, we may want to quickly “in vitro” this same courage, tenacity and perseverance into future wombs to fertilize a big bang of truth, activism and justice. It’s amazing that so many great moral compasses have come and gone; yet, the needle remains pointed in the wrong direction today.

Here in the US, some of our past leaders, especially Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, had their hearts and priorities in the right place. They both warned us of a powerful pending threat that, if left unchecked, would not only control government, but become it. Well, that day is here. These unpleasant Bilderberg, Rockefeller, Rothschild elites with all their augmented subsidiaries now seem to think they own us lock, stock and barrel. Or, they seem to think they do. . .

(((insert a very “stale” consumer wink here)))

Listen-up world: our common goal collectively binds us together. Our mission is one and the same. We all seek global peace, personal freedom, compassion and respect for all nations with different cultures and belief systems. We seek to conduct our own affairs without intrusive interference from New World Order foreign entities, corporations or government tyranny that would subvert the very fabric of each nation’s sovereign right.

In retrospect, We each share the same sacred birthright. We demand to live free and prosper, to grow peacefully, to maintain healthy living standards without aggressive chemical-pushing biotech behemoths like Monsanto (and others) who are trying to kill us off by destroying the world’s food and water supply right out in plain sight.

In fact, when considering other disturbing anomalies like this deadly H1N1 flu virus that’s currently flying around the globe like an evil fairy dust, we can also add the giant Baxter Healthcare Corporation to the hit-list for surreptitiously spreading this infectious disease, and for manufacturing and distributing a global pharmaceutical immunization “hot-shot” for all of us useless eaters to harmfully inject or inhale. But that is another nutshell for me to crack at a later date. . .

What we already know for sure is bad enough. It’s our very own per sonal “in our face” live-streaming 3-D featured event. An outrageous high definition virtual reality horror picture show. Yes, and the poison KoolAid and popcorn has already been doled-out at the snack shop.

Indeed, the multi-national biotech globalists are working non-stop, feverishly attempting to create a one-world empire in order to dominate the world’s natural resources and everything contained therein. We also understand they created this treachery by design — with calculators in their laps — as a means to measure, divide, conquer and reduce the world’s population to a more efficient, manageable amount for them to better control and enslave us. So, bottom line, we must unite under one collective banner in order to defeat them and survive.

Across the globe, a great awareness is quickly gathering steam. We ask all nations to harness that energy and join forces in solidarity to help restore health, stability and freedom to prevent this impending tragedy. Let us combine our unique abilities and gifts to enhance our greatest advantage. We are billions strong! Our brilliant points of light can surely light the way for the greatest global arch of activism the world has ever seen for the betterment of all mankind.

I say let’s shut down the evil ruling class business machine with some mass global “boycotts” and “strikes.” Dissent is beautiful thing. Let us organize some real dates when we will all stop paying taxes, stop buying their products and services and stop manufacturing their goods for them even if it’s only for a day or a week at a time (as needed). As pissed-off consumers, we hold so much more power than we will ever realize! This will take their breath away. Divided, we may not have a real voice in today’s society, and we may not be able to defeat the powerful standing armies of today, but truthfully, we don’t have to — all we have to do is combine our efforts and effortlessly do nothing. Ironically, it’s a s easy as that. If we buy nothing, do nothing, produce nothing and spend nothing, the New World Order Empire will ultimately crumble into the ash bin of time and we will be much better off without its presence.

As Thomas Jefferson famously said, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I say we can defeat the elitists without firing a damn shot and without spilling any blood whatsoever. All we have to do is get our shit together and bankrupt them as they have already done to us. Think about it, but not for too long…

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