Jamie Oliver Is Right About The Food We All Eat

The government is set up to protect us, that is one of the reasons we do pay taxes for.  The government needs to protect us from the corporations that are willingly putting poison in our food, not to make laws protecting said corporations.  The government has been on the side of these corporations since after WWII, when all of this processed shit began to rear it’s ugly head and was added into our food supply.

Remember how Stalin, Mao and others killed off a lot of their citizens?  They started messing with their food.  Remember that fact when this current administration and others before it, have done nothing to the corporations that have developed poisons that are added to our food in the disguise of “cost savings” to them.  If you are a corporation that sells food to the general public, then you need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the food you sell to us will have no adverse effect on our general health.

I agree with everything that Jamie Oliver says in this video except one thing.  He says he supports Michelle Obama in what she is doing with her food project.  I disagree 100% with that statement, because she wants to FORCE people to change, not to ENCOURAGE people to change.  There’s a big difference between FORCE and ENCOURAGE.

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