Facts About The Goldman Sachs Charges By The SEC

-The world economy will certainly crash if Goldman Sachs fails.

-The SEC accusing Goldman Sachs of fraud is hilarious.  The Federal Reserve and the IMF own the SEC, and all of the players of the Fed and IMF are Goldman Sachs front men.  Are you seriously going to tell me that the SEC is not being told to go after Goldman Sachs for the good of our country?  Goldman Sachs ordered the SEC to persue these actions against themselves.

-Goldman Sachs is Raum Emanuel’s baby, and they are running the whole show and are responsible for the legislation that is passed.  Goldman Sachs and the other big banks have been running the United States for over a hundred years.  They want to have a one world government so that everyone in the world will pay their taxes directly to them.

-Goldman Sachs is sacrificing themselves for the “greater good” of the Elites.  They don’t mind doing this because they have already raped us all of almost everything we have.  They have all the money, and now they want all the power.

-With Goldman Sachs basically throwing themselves on their sword opens up a brand new world of control for the Elites.  When the whole world economy collapses because of Goldman Sachs failing, the legislation that will come out of this manufactured crisis would be any Dictator’s wet dream come true.  They will use this crisis to usher in their much talked about New World Order, where we are the slaves and they are our masters.

I believe that Goldman Sachs picked this moment of time to implement their evil plan for a few reasons.  We all know the economy is not recovering, and it is getting worse.  The Stimulus money to the States is going to run out at the end of the month.  The event we couldn’t see being planned by the Elites was the eruption of the volcano in Iceland.  Look at how devastating this is to the people who can’t travel to do business and the airlines are basically being held hostage because the govt’s of Europe “say” it’s not safe to fly.  The airlines are already asking for bailouts because of the money being lost.  There are a lot more factors involved I know, but these are the one’s that stick out to me.

Bottom line:  What a perfect time to crash everything when, if you’re Goldman Sachs, you have the power to pick the time and place to bring about the collapse of modern civilization.

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