U.S. Navy Commercial – A Global Force For Good. Ummmm, WTF?


What the hell is this shit?  Is this the Elite’s way of telling us that the United States military is now under control of the United Nations?  My wife and I saw this commercial last night on the Discovery channel and our jaws dropped.

I just called 1-800-USANAVY to ask them about this commercial, asked them where in the Constitution is it that requires them to be a global force, and that the Constitution requires a military force to protect United States citizens, not global citizens.  The guy I was talking to stammered, hemmed and hawed, so I told him that this global force for good sounds a lot like what the United Nations is wanting.  He then preceded to tell me that this call is now officially terminated and hung up on me.

Looks like, to me, that our military will have no qualms firing upon the citizens of this nation when asked to do so.

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