My Stance on Illegal/Legal Immigration

The Elites are making it so we all will be arguing about the illegal immigration problem they created for us.  They want us all at each others throats so they can keep us even more divided than we already are.  We all know what they need to do, and that’s enforce the laws already on the books, and they need to start going after the Elite’s own companies that hire these illegals among the other companies that exploit them.

My own thoughts are, that there should be no more immigration of any kind until we can get our unemployment numbers below 5%.  Put Americans to work who are out of work here first, then open it up to the immigrants wanting to come to our Republic.  The Elites are using immigration to enforce even more liberty and freedom killing laws on us, and we need to put our foots down and say no to any type of legislation they are dreaming up.  Let’s get the power back to the people, and out of the hands of the bastards who want to make all of us their cattle.

The people who willingly come here illegally have no rights as ordinary U.S. citizens.  They come here illegally, they deal with the consequences of committing a criminal act.  You only get the rights as an American set forth in the Constitution when you become a legal citizen, plain and simple.

We don’t need to build a border fence if our elected officials would just do their job, and follow the Constitution and the laws of this nation.

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