It started with Drug Tests…..

By: Barbara Groves

I am going to be 36 in 2 weeks, and I remember my first ever job. It was a Doughnut Shop in Cape May Court House, NJ. The funny thing is, every time Scott and I go to visit, people still recognize me. Funny, after 20 odd years, they still know my name. Anyway, I never had to submit to any kind of test there, albeit drug, background, credit, whatever, I got hired, and that was it. My second job came not long after high school, and it was a nursing home. That place was hell, but I loved the people. However, they did a drug test on me. Which was fine. I think that was when it all started with all these so called tests on potential employees. After I left there, there was the casinos. Never in my life was I researched, like I was there. It was all of the above; credit, background, drug. I haven’t had all 3 since, but still, I felt violated. I still spent 9 years there, but the thing was, there was still bad employees there! I can’t remember how many I caught stealing from the company. I thought later on, what the hell was the point of these tests?

How much more will these companies be allowed to delve into our personal lives? Alot of companies are now testing for nicotine? Nicotine?!! A legal drug? I have been a smoker for a while, and never has it ever affected my job performance. I have had perfect attendance many times, so the myth of the smoker taking a lot of breaks is a lie.

So, now there is supposedly the requirement to take BMI for health records. First of all, BMI has proven not to be accurate in many studies. First, there was the war on tobacco, and still is, and now there is the war on fat people. With this comes the dangerous precursor for discrimination in the work force once again. Because if doctors are now required to take BMIs with health exams, that means it will come to your job next.

There are things in MY medical records I do not wish to share with a potential employer or anyone else for that matter. Nothing bad or embarrassing, it’s just nobody’s business but mine. This could lead to a potential employer to discriminate against applicants. This is Big Brother out of control.

Scott and I choose to eat organic and healthy, but hey, if anyone wants to kill themselves on McDonalds that is their business and their choice.

My copy of the Constitution must be a cheap Chinese knock-off or something, because I just can’t find the part that says the government has the right to force me to submit to the forced management of my health by them. It seems to be missing even more than that…

If we don’t all stand up and remind the govt who is boss from time to time, they start thinking they can do whatever they want, without regard to our God given rights. This quote is pulled from the article:
“The new regulations also stipulate that the new electronic records be capable of sending public health data to state and federal health agencies such as HHS and CDC. The CDC, which calls American society “obesogenic” – meaning that American society itself promotes obesity – collects BMI scores from state health agencies every year to monitor obesity nationwide.”
“Electronically record, retrieve, and transmit syndrome based public health surveillance information to public health agencies,” the regulations read.


So, what is it going to be folks? Freedom? Privacy? Tyranny?

Attention Fat People! Good God, get over the bully out of school thing, and freakin stand up for yourself! You do NOT deserve this coming discrimination, and believe me, it is coming.

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