Reuters Headline: “Future Governor Meg Whitman…”

I just caught @Reuters on twitter showing they’re hand and showing who they really work for.

They had a headline that first said:

Future governor Meg Whitman sees “less as more” for California http://bit.ly/b0YuuK

Then changed it after I tweeted them to say that I guess we don’t need elections, since they already know who the winner was.

Alas, they tweeted this after they saw what I wrote to them, and deleted the tweet with the “Future” in their headline:

CORRECTION: Governor-hopeful Meg Whitman says less as more for California http://bit.ly/b0YuuK

And to prove my accusation against them, here are some screen shots of the 2 pages:

It’s like Reuters has some kind of magic 8 ball or something.  They know EXACTLY who’s going to win the California Governor’s election.

I can see typos happening, but not saying Future winner of an election.

More proof of showing us that our votes don’t mean a thing to these globalist DICKtators.

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