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Updated: Military Vehicles Parked at The Federal Center in Lakewood, Co. 7-4-11

My wife and I were driving back from the mountains a couple of weeks ago and we noticed around 10-15 military Humvees parked at the Federal Center in Lakewood, Co. If you all aren’t familiar with it, it’s been here in Lakewood since I can remember and being in the civil engineering business, I have only been there to collect USGS maps and what not. It runs from Union Blvd. to Kipling St. and from the 6th Ave. freeway to Alameda Ave. I’m not really sure what else they have there though.

Anyway, we were driving towards the mountains today (July 4, 2011) and we noticed that there were a lot more military vehicles there today than there were a few weeks ago. Along with the Humvees, there were what we think are troop transporters or carriers, I don’t know much about what they’re called.

Where these vehicles are located is surprising because you can clearly see them from the 6th Ave. freeway. We stopped back from our trip back home on the southbound ramp to Kipling on 6th Ave and took as many pics of these vehicles that we thought would be safe to get. The vehicles are located just south of the Kipling off ramp and if you have Google Earth, here are the coordinates: 39 degrees 43′ 28″ N, 105 degrees 06′ 45″ W.

Interesting that we had the opportunity to get these pics on this Independence Day of 2011, huh? =)


UPDATE: I messed up on my directions, it’s south instead of north. Sorry for the confusion.


Our Spoiled Rabbit Bud

Our 10 year old dwarf rabbit is so spoiled that he gets bottled water and butter lettuce on a plate. =P



Deer In Our Complex 11-21-10


Fish Sandwiches, Entrepreneurs and Rome

***This story was sent to me this weekend, and I agree with him, that this story needs to be read.***


Before I tell you my story, let me ask you a question: Where does the money that businesses borrow to create jobs come from??

Answer: All money that is borrowed by a business or an individual comes from another person or business that SAVED IT.  Savings enables Lending.


My Story:

While eating a fish sandwich in Seattle, I sat next to a man and struck up a conversation.  He was in his late 50s, extremely well-educated and obviously very successful.

While speaking, I discovered that he moved from Seattle to Germany about 2 years ago.

He said he left because the US government became so restrictive to his businesses and investments that he could no longer afford to operate in this country.

He owns a number of businesses in the Medical Device and biotech fields and I got the impression he had other businesses, as well.

He took them overseas to Germany, where he is able to afford to operate and succeed.

This man took ALL of his jobs and gave them to Germans.

When he left this country, the US government taxed him 30% on all of his assets.  But the economic damage of staying outweighed those fees.

He must continue paying Individual income tax on the money he earns as a German Resident/Citizen or face Federal Charges.

So once you are born in the USA, they literally OWN YOU as a piece of PROPERTY.  You can’t even leave here without being robbed and Threatened.

What he told me next was ASTONISHING.

He told me that he was personally aware of THOUSANDS of businesses leaving the country to operate in Europe and Asia.  THOUSANDS.

He also told me that “if the American People do not change this government, DRASTICALLY, that there will be a ROMAN EMPIRE style collapse of our economy from WITHIN and that once it begins it will happen very quickly.”

He told me that this is COMMON KNOWLEDGE in GERMANY and other European Business Communities.


US Businesses are very threatened by this Administration, the Health Care Legislation, the Financial Reform Act and Cap and Trade.

I can’t go into all of the legislation.  Nobody will read it, and few will understand it….all 8000 pages of it.

Let me boil it down to this simple concept.


Jobs are created by individual Business people who are motivated to make a profit…..Men and women like this man.  Jobs are NOT, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, created by ANY government policy or department.  Please read that sentence over and over again to as many people as you know.

This country has the highest corporate tax rate on planet earth……


The economic problems we face are being created by a corrupt, criminal enterprise that must be stopped at all costs.  They use the psychological Manipulation of Class Warfare and Envy on our Citizens.  They have convinced large portions of our population that the US government can take anything it deems necessary for the good of the people.

The American people have been subjected to Mass Psychology to actually believe that the US Government has a right to tax us and to especially tax people whom they can somehow define as WEALTHY.  Thomas Jefferson called this DEMOCRATIC TYRANNY and this is why an individual tax on a person’s labor was forbidden in our Constitution.

When an individual earns money, that money is known as Property.  That Property is PRIVATE property and doesn’t belong to any government.

When the government “taxes” that property, that is more commonly known as THEFT.   Then they WASTE the money that they steal.

When you steal from people who are smart and creative…..THEY LEAVE to find a safer place to operate.

The US income tax only accounts for about 50% of the total federal revenues.  It encourages corruption and kills jobs.


WE THE PEOPLE need to start realizing that those super rich people that some of us have been taught to ENVY… know…..the ones who we ‘CAN’T AFFORD TO GIVE TAX BREAKS”……We need to face the TRUTH.

That money is THEIRS, not ours to take.  That is called STEALING.

The US government is the cause of ALL of these problems.  So the faster we Cut them down to size, the more jobs, money and Freedom WE get to keep.

If we allow them to remain on this path, we will suffer more and more each day as they destroy our currency and the USA experiences a ROMAN EMPIRE style collapse.


If we must suffer this collapse, it will be for one reason.  It will be because WE ALL saw it coming and refused to act.
Please vote on November 2nd for Candidates that will CUT government and FREE businessmen to save our economy.


It started with Drug Tests…..

By: Barbara Groves

I am going to be 36 in 2 weeks, and I remember my first ever job. It was a Doughnut Shop in Cape May Court House, NJ. The funny thing is, every time Scott and I go to visit, people still recognize me. Funny, after 20 odd years, they still know my name. Anyway, I never had to submit to any kind of test there, albeit drug, background, credit, whatever, I got hired, and that was it. My second job came not long after high school, and it was a nursing home. That place was hell, but I loved the people. However, they did a drug test on me. Which was fine. I think that was when it all started with all these so called tests on potential employees. After I left there, there was the casinos. Never in my life was I researched, like I was there. It was all of the above; credit, background, drug. I haven’t had all 3 since, but still, I felt violated. I still spent 9 years there, but the thing was, there was still bad employees there! I can’t remember how many I caught stealing from the company. I thought later on, what the hell was the point of these tests?

How much more will these companies be allowed to delve into our personal lives? Alot of companies are now testing for nicotine? Nicotine?!! A legal drug? I have been a smoker for a while, and never has it ever affected my job performance. I have had perfect attendance many times, so the myth of the smoker taking a lot of breaks is a lie.

So, now there is supposedly the requirement to take BMI for health records. First of all, BMI has proven not to be accurate in many studies. First, there was the war on tobacco, and still is, and now there is the war on fat people. With this comes the dangerous precursor for discrimination in the work force once again. Because if doctors are now required to take BMIs with health exams, that means it will come to your job next.

There are things in MY medical records I do not wish to share with a potential employer or anyone else for that matter. Nothing bad or embarrassing, it’s just nobody’s business but mine. This could lead to a potential employer to discriminate against applicants. This is Big Brother out of control.

Scott and I choose to eat organic and healthy, but hey, if anyone wants to kill themselves on McDonalds that is their business and their choice.

My copy of the Constitution must be a cheap Chinese knock-off or something, because I just can’t find the part that says the government has the right to force me to submit to the forced management of my health by them. It seems to be missing even more than that…

If we don’t all stand up and remind the govt who is boss from time to time, they start thinking they can do whatever they want, without regard to our God given rights. This quote is pulled from the article:
“The new regulations also stipulate that the new electronic records be capable of sending public health data to state and federal health agencies such as HHS and CDC. The CDC, which calls American society “obesogenic” – meaning that American society itself promotes obesity – collects BMI scores from state health agencies every year to monitor obesity nationwide.”
“Electronically record, retrieve, and transmit syndrome based public health surveillance information to public health agencies,” the regulations read.

So, what is it going to be folks? Freedom? Privacy? Tyranny?

Attention Fat People! Good God, get over the bully out of school thing, and freakin stand up for yourself! You do NOT deserve this coming discrimination, and believe me, it is coming.


Nasty Storm and Minor Tornado In South Charlotte, NC 6-27-10


“The Wave” (1981) – Ending



Would You Pay ~$1,300 for a 170 Sq. Ft. Apartment?

One of our Facebook friends, Heather, has done just that.  She decided she wanted to move to Paris last month, and this is where she is, ummmm, living, if you want to call it that.

Take a look at what 995 Euros gets you in a scenic part of Paris:

Availability Include currency: — USD $ Aust $ U.K. £ Can $ ¥en SFranc
start date end date people month information
Jun 02 2010 open 2 EUR 995
All dates and prices are subject to confirmation. Prices in Euros
Period of 1 month or more (Agency fees are not included.)

Features: Studio in Trocadero – Paris

living room kitchen bathroom
# of beds 1
bed size Sofa Bed/Double
sheets *
window *
TV *
sofa *
dining table *
open *
dishwasher *
microwave *
coffee maker *
toaster *
shower *
WC *
towels *

Additional Info
Information about this Studio in Trocadero, Auteuil – Tour Eiffel:

  • Internet connection
  • Laundry inside the apartment
  • Pets not allowed
  • Smoking not permitted

Description – Paris Furnished Apartment (PA-3563) See this page in Français Deutsch Español Italiano
Convenient studio in the Auteuil area, near the Trocadero and the Seine

The Village d’Auteuil, a traditional neighborhood in this very select district, provides a choice of fashion and convenience stores, fine restaurants and cafes near this furnished apartment. There are also two open-air markets in close proximity to this accommodation. It is a short metro ride from the best known Parisian monument in the world, the Eiffel Tower, which on one side faces the splendid Champ de Mars and beautiful floral gardens; on the other side, beyond the Seine River, is Trocadero Place where the Palais de Chaillot was built for the International Exhibition of 1937. It houses several museums as well as an esplanade offering a most impressive view of the Eiffel Tower.


This 16m² (approx. 170 sq. ft.) studio apartment is located on the seventh floor of a 20th century building. The main entrance gate is accessible by a flight of steps and is protected by a coded system and a concierge. It opens into a nice hall leading to a courtyard and an elevator. The apartment is accessible after crossing an exterior hallway overlooking the courtyard and a second decorated interior hallway.

The apartment entrance opens into a hallway leading to the main room. The bathroom is accessible via a sliding door from this hallway. The apartment has a southern exposure and a nice parquet floor.

The 10m² (approx. 105 sq. ft.) main room has a window with curtains and exterior iron shutters that faces the exterior hallway and offers a view of the courtyard. It is furnished with a double-size bed, a table and mirrored walls. It is equipped with a small cable TV.

The open kitchen is equipped with two electric plates topped by a cooker hood, a small refrigerator, a microwave, a washing machine, a coffee maker, a toaster and a kettle. There is also a large built-in closet next to the entrance door that contains shelves, wardrobes, a vacuum, an iron and an ironing board.

The tiled bathroom has a shower with a dryer rack, a small washbasin and a toilet.

Heat and hot water are collective with the building.

Internet and the international cable are also available.

For convenient travel around Paris, the nearest metro station is Passy (line 6).

Please note that the toilet is electric: Due to the European plumbing system in the building, the water closet cannot handle any items other than toilet paper. All other objects no matter how small (i.e., Q-tips, paper, hair, etc.) will clog up the drainage system.

Photos – Living room Studio in Trocadero, Auteuil – Tour Eiffel (PA-3563)
Paris Studio apartment - living room (PA-3563) photo 1 of 4 Paris Studio apartment - living room (PA-3563) photo 2 of 4
Paris Studio apartment - living room (PA-3563) photo 3 of 4 Paris Studio apartment - living room (PA-3563) photo 4 of 4
Photos – Kitchen Studio in Trocadero, Auteuil – Tour Eiffel (PA-3563)
Paris Studio apartment - kitchen (PA-3563) photo 1 of 3 Paris Studio apartment - kitchen (PA-3563) photo 2 of 3
Paris Studio apartment - kitchen (PA-3563) photo 3 of 3
Photos – Bathroom Studio in Trocadero, Auteuil – Tour Eiffel (PA-3563)
Paris Studio apartment - bathroom (PA-3563) photo 1 of 3 Paris Studio apartment - bathroom (PA-3563) photo 2 of 3
Paris Studio apartment - bathroom (PA-3563) photo 3 of 3
Photos – Other Studio in Trocadero, Auteuil – Tour Eiffel (PA-3563)
Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 1 of 12 Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 2 of 12
Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 3 of 12 Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 4 of 12
Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 5 of 12 Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 6 of 12
Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 7 of 12 Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 8 of 12
Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 9 of 12 Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 10 of 12
Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 11 of 12 Paris Studio apartment - other (PA-3563) photo 12 of 12

Paris Studio apartment - layout  (PA-3563)

Isn’t Paris wonderful?  It is soo much more wonderful than the United States because you can live in something smaller than some people’s dog houses, BUT you get free health care from your slave masters.


Why Isn’t Michael Moore Calling People Out With HCR Like He Did With The Patriot Act?

Because he’s a whiny bitch hypocrite that is getting paid with taxpayer money:

The USA PATRIOT Act has generated a great deal of controversy since its enactment. Opponents of the Act have been quite vocal in asserting that it was passed opportunistically after the September 11 terrorist attacks, believing there to have been little debate. They view the Act as one that was hurried through the Senate with little change before it was passed. (Senators Patrick Leahy and Russell Feingold proposed amendments to modify the final revision.)[10][188][189] The sheer magnitude of the Act itself was noted by Michael Moore in his controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11. In one of the scenes of the movie, he records Congressman Jim McDermott alleging that no Senator read the bill[190] and John Conyers, Jr. as saying “We don’t really read most of the bills. Do you know what that would entail if we read every bill that we passed?” Congressman Conyers then answers his own rhetorical question, asserting that if they did it would “slow down the legislative process”.[191] As a dramatic device, Moore then hired an ice-cream van and drove around Washington, D.C. with a loud speaker, reading out the Act to puzzled passers-by, which included a few Senators.[192] However, Moore was not the only commentator to notice that not many people had read the Act — when Dahlia Lithwick and Julia Turne for Slate asked “How bad is Patriot, anyway?” they decided that it was “Hard to tell”.


Lynyrd Skynyrd – That ain’t my America

Sometimes I wanna light up underneath the no-smoking sign
Sometimes I wish they’d tell me, how justice got so blind
I wish they’d just leave me alone ’cause I’m doing alright
You can take your change on down the road and leave me here with mine

‘Cause that ain’t my America
That aint this country’s roots
You wanna slam old Uncle Sam
But I ain’t letting you
I’m mad as hell and you know I still bleed Red, White, and Blue
That ain’t us
That Ain’t My America

I was standing there in Dallas
Waitin on a plane
I overheard an old man
Tell a young soldier “thanks”
The young soldier hung his head and said “it’s hard to believe
You’re the only one who took the time to say a word to me”
And the old man said…

That ain’t my America
That aint this country’s roots
You wanna slam old Uncle Sam
But I ain’t letting you
I’m mad as hell and you know I still bleed Red, White, and Blue
That ain’t us
That Ain’t My America

It’s to the women and men who in their hands hold a Bible and a gun
And they ain’t afraid of nothing, when when they’re holding either one

Now there’s kids who can’t pray in school
$100 dollar tanks of gas
I can tell you right now this country ain’t


‘Cause that ain’t my America
That aint this country’s roots
You wanna slam old Uncle Sam
But I ain’t letting you
I’m mad as hell and you know I still bleed Red, White, and Blue
That ain’t us
That Ain’t My
That Ain’t My America
That Ain’t My America
That Ain’t My America

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