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Fish Sandwiches, Entrepreneurs and Rome

***This story was sent to me this weekend, and I agree with him, that this story needs to be read.***


Before I tell you my story, let me ask you a question: Where does the money that businesses borrow to create jobs come from??

Answer: All money that is borrowed by a business or an individual comes from another person or business that SAVED IT.  Savings enables Lending.


My Story:

While eating a fish sandwich in Seattle, I sat next to a man and struck up a conversation.  He was in his late 50s, extremely well-educated and obviously very successful.

While speaking, I discovered that he moved from Seattle to Germany about 2 years ago.

He said he left because the US government became so restrictive to his businesses and investments that he could no longer afford to operate in this country.

He owns a number of businesses in the Medical Device and biotech fields and I got the impression he had other businesses, as well.

He took them overseas to Germany, where he is able to afford to operate and succeed.

This man took ALL of his jobs and gave them to Germans.

When he left this country, the US government taxed him 30% on all of his assets.  But the economic damage of staying outweighed those fees.

He must continue paying Individual income tax on the money he earns as a German Resident/Citizen or face Federal Charges.

So once you are born in the USA, they literally OWN YOU as a piece of PROPERTY.  You can’t even leave here without being robbed and Threatened.

What he told me next was ASTONISHING.

He told me that he was personally aware of THOUSANDS of businesses leaving the country to operate in Europe and Asia.  THOUSANDS.

He also told me that “if the American People do not change this government, DRASTICALLY, that there will be a ROMAN EMPIRE style collapse of our economy from WITHIN and that once it begins it will happen very quickly.”

He told me that this is COMMON KNOWLEDGE in GERMANY and other European Business Communities.


US Businesses are very threatened by this Administration, the Health Care Legislation, the Financial Reform Act and Cap and Trade.

I can’t go into all of the legislation.  Nobody will read it, and few will understand it….all 8000 pages of it.

Let me boil it down to this simple concept.


Jobs are created by individual Business people who are motivated to make a profit…..Men and women like this man.  Jobs are NOT, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, created by ANY government policy or department.  Please read that sentence over and over again to as many people as you know.

This country has the highest corporate tax rate on planet earth……


The economic problems we face are being created by a corrupt, criminal enterprise that must be stopped at all costs.  They use the psychological Manipulation of Class Warfare and Envy on our Citizens.  They have convinced large portions of our population that the US government can take anything it deems necessary for the good of the people.

The American people have been subjected to Mass Psychology to actually believe that the US Government has a right to tax us and to especially tax people whom they can somehow define as WEALTHY.  Thomas Jefferson called this DEMOCRATIC TYRANNY and this is why an individual tax on a person’s labor was forbidden in our Constitution.

When an individual earns money, that money is known as Property.  That Property is PRIVATE property and doesn’t belong to any government.

When the government “taxes” that property, that is more commonly known as THEFT.   Then they WASTE the money that they steal.

When you steal from people who are smart and creative…..THEY LEAVE to find a safer place to operate.

The US income tax only accounts for about 50% of the total federal revenues.  It encourages corruption and kills jobs.


WE THE PEOPLE need to start realizing that those super rich people that some of us have been taught to ENVY… know…..the ones who we ‘CAN’T AFFORD TO GIVE TAX BREAKS”……We need to face the TRUTH.

That money is THEIRS, not ours to take.  That is called STEALING.

The US government is the cause of ALL of these problems.  So the faster we Cut them down to size, the more jobs, money and Freedom WE get to keep.

If we allow them to remain on this path, we will suffer more and more each day as they destroy our currency and the USA experiences a ROMAN EMPIRE style collapse.


If we must suffer this collapse, it will be for one reason.  It will be because WE ALL saw it coming and refused to act.
Please vote on November 2nd for Candidates that will CUT government and FREE businessmen to save our economy.


History Repeats Once Again


Maybe There Is Something To The Bunker Under DIA Story

The fires burning in Boulder, Co. and Loveland, Co. are terrible tragedies to say the least.  I feel for the people going through them, and pray for their safety and well being everyday as I was born in Colorado.


I’m thinking they are a planned distraction for something more sinister going on in my home state.

Look at these headlines, this was from a couple months ago:

DIA Unveils Plans For Nearly $1 Billion Facelift

And then, there’s this headline from yesterday, Sept. 12, 2010:

Airline Merger Could Cost DIA

Why in the world would DIA be spending nearly $1 billion when they knew that this merger could cost them dearly?

What are they doing there at Denver International Airport?

If you’re like me, you might believe the story that there was a bunker made for the elites built beneath the airport.  Could they be stocking up the bunker for some reason and could they be using these national headlines about the fires to keep people distracted from what they are really doing out there?


The Worst Chemtrail Day In Charlotte Than I’ve Ever Seen Before

These pictures were taken the morning of September 4th, 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina.


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

From the Fox News site front page this morning, a story with the following headline:

“Manhunt for Arizona Fugitives Ends at Forest Campground”

There’s a picture posted related to this post.  Can you tell what’s not right in these pictures?  The picture of the inmate arrested shows 2 policeman, while the other picture of the inmate’s accomplice shows her being guarded by someone who looks like is in military attire.  If this guy is military, why are they still being involved in police work in this country?

Here’s the picture that was posted:


The Fed’s Endgame With The AZ Ruling

I have this funny feeling that Gov. Brewer is in on the fix being set up in AZ.   The North American Union can’t be set up unless all of our Governors are on board.  I think the Feds are going to use this AZ law to make a ruling that the States have no more superiority or rights over any federal law.  For the elite’s North American Union to come to fruition, the states have to be effectively dissolved of their power, and this case in AZ will do precisely that.  I think Gov. Brewer is playing her part as the leader of trying to get the Feds to enforce their law, when in fact, she knows exactly what the endgame is going to be, and she is bringing forth the catalyst that will strip our sovereignty from us.

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