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History Repeats Once Again


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

From the Fox News site front page this morning, a story with the following headline:

“Manhunt for Arizona Fugitives Ends at Forest Campground”

There’s a picture posted related to this post.  Can you tell what’s not right in these pictures?  The picture of the inmate arrested shows 2 policeman, while the other picture of the inmate’s accomplice shows her being guarded by someone who looks like is in military attire.  If this guy is military, why are they still being involved in police work in this country?

Here’s the picture that was posted:


The Fed’s Endgame With The AZ Ruling

I have this funny feeling that Gov. Brewer is in on the fix being set up in AZ.   The North American Union can’t be set up unless all of our Governors are on board.  I think the Feds are going to use this AZ law to make a ruling that the States have no more superiority or rights over any federal law.  For the elite’s North American Union to come to fruition, the states have to be effectively dissolved of their power, and this case in AZ will do precisely that.  I think Gov. Brewer is playing her part as the leader of trying to get the Feds to enforce their law, when in fact, she knows exactly what the endgame is going to be, and she is bringing forth the catalyst that will strip our sovereignty from us.


Reuters Headline: “Future Governor Meg Whitman…”

I just caught @Reuters on twitter showing they’re hand and showing who they really work for.

They had a headline that first said:

Future governor Meg Whitman sees “less as more” for California

Then changed it after I tweeted them to say that I guess we don’t need elections, since they already know who the winner was.

Alas, they tweeted this after they saw what I wrote to them, and deleted the tweet with the “Future” in their headline:

CORRECTION: Governor-hopeful Meg Whitman says less as more for California

And to prove my accusation against them, here are some screen shots of the 2 pages:

It’s like Reuters has some kind of magic 8 ball or something.  They know EXACTLY who’s going to win the California Governor’s election.

I can see typos happening, but not saying Future winner of an election.

More proof of showing us that our votes don’t mean a thing to these globalist DICKtators.


Corexit Is Killing The Gulf


Rush: This Is The Stuff That Starts Civil Wars

Just ignore the fact this audio/video is from the assholes at Media Matters, and listen to what Rush says.  I’ve been saying this in other blogs and on Twitter for a few days, and I never heard anyone else but Rush thinking on the same lines as I do on this situation.


Unreal! A Free Speech Zone At A Pleasanton Ca. Tea Party


The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You


Facts About The Goldman Sachs Charges By The SEC

-The world economy will certainly crash if Goldman Sachs fails.

-The SEC accusing Goldman Sachs of fraud is hilarious.  The Federal Reserve and the IMF own the SEC, and all of the players of the Fed and IMF are Goldman Sachs front men.  Are you seriously going to tell me that the SEC is not being told to go after Goldman Sachs for the good of our country?  Goldman Sachs ordered the SEC to persue these actions against themselves.

-Goldman Sachs is Raum Emanuel’s baby, and they are running the whole show and are responsible for the legislation that is passed.  Goldman Sachs and the other big banks have been running the United States for over a hundred years.  They want to have a one world government so that everyone in the world will pay their taxes directly to them.

-Goldman Sachs is sacrificing themselves for the “greater good” of the Elites.  They don’t mind doing this because they have already raped us all of almost everything we have.  They have all the money, and now they want all the power.

-With Goldman Sachs basically throwing themselves on their sword opens up a brand new world of control for the Elites.  When the whole world economy collapses because of Goldman Sachs failing, the legislation that will come out of this manufactured crisis would be any Dictator’s wet dream come true.  They will use this crisis to usher in their much talked about New World Order, where we are the slaves and they are our masters.

I believe that Goldman Sachs picked this moment of time to implement their evil plan for a few reasons.  We all know the economy is not recovering, and it is getting worse.  The Stimulus money to the States is going to run out at the end of the month.  The event we couldn’t see being planned by the Elites was the eruption of the volcano in Iceland.  Look at how devastating this is to the people who can’t travel to do business and the airlines are basically being held hostage because the govt’s of Europe “say” it’s not safe to fly.  The airlines are already asking for bailouts because of the money being lost.  There are a lot more factors involved I know, but these are the one’s that stick out to me.

Bottom line:  What a perfect time to crash everything when, if you’re Goldman Sachs, you have the power to pick the time and place to bring about the collapse of modern civilization.


When Is Gov. Christie Going To Put A Stop To The New Jersey Nanny State…Or Will He?

My wife and I had to take a road trip from North Carolina to South Jersey this weekend, and what we found waiting for us there just astonished us.

In the town where my wife grew up, we found out for a population in her hometown of 50,000 people, there are 75 police officers.  That’s an insane amount of police for that population.  What’s even more insane, is that her father told us that the State Patrol are now patrolling the streets instead of the highways.  Does this make any sense to anyone else????

The other, and more important thing we found, was the “No Idling Law” that is implemented in the state.  It is now against the law to warm up your car in New Jersey, just like it is in Britain.  Are you people in Jersey going to lay down and put up with this type of legislative shit?

Here’s a link and text about this No Idling Law.  Please read it an realize that this type of tyranny is coming to every state of this Republic:

Clean Air: Idle Free New Jersey

Idle Free New JerseyDid you know that idling your vehicle for more than 3 minutes is against the law in New Jersey? View state and local no-idling regulations.

That’s because vehicle exhaust not only pollutes our air (it is the leading source of hazardous air pollution in New Jersey (source: NJDEP), but also puts people, especially children, at risk for asthma and other respiratory ailments, allergies, and possible long term problems. In addition, vehicles release potent
greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

NJEF, with the help of Chatham Township and Millburn Environmental Commission, has embarked on an “Idle Free New Jersey” campaign to educate New Jerseyans about the law, enforce no-idling hot spots, and ask schools and towns to adopt an “Idle Free New Jersey” pledge.

NJEF encourages all towns, schools, and individuals to help reduce idling. Our general rule of thumb: if you are going to be idling for more than 30 seconds, turn off your vehicle.

Here’s why…

Idling Facts

  • Idling for more than 10 seconds actually uses more fuel than restarting the engine.
  • Tests show no more than 30 seconds is needed to circulate engine oil.
  • The best way to warm up your vehicle is to drive it.
  • Idling
    can actually damage engines because it is operating not at peak (or
    high) operating temperatures. It causes incomplete combusions and more
    harmful pollutants to be released into the air. Fuel residues also form
    and contaminate engine oil and damage engine parts. In addition, water
    can condense in vehicle’s exhaust.
  • Modern vehicles don’t require any idling to warm them up.
  • (Source: Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada)

Health Impacts

  • Vehicle related air pollution can cause asthma and other
    respiratory problems and allergies, especially in children who breathe
    at a faster rate than adults. Air toxics also contribute to heart
    disease and attacks, as well as higher cancer rates in high traffic
    areas (Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Asthma is the third leading cause of hospitalization among children under the age of 15 (Source: American Lung Association).
  • Up to 25% of NJ’s school age children are asthmatic-the leading cause of
    school absenteeism and increased visits to the emergency room on hot
    summer days (Source: NJ Department of Environmental Protection).
  • Diesel vehicles emit numerous cancer causing chemicals, including
    benzene and formaldehyde; all vehicle gas emissions account for as many
    as half of all cancers attributed to outdoor air pollution (Source:
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Take the “Idle Free Zone” Pledge!

No idling zone sign



Business & Shopping Centers

No Idling Materials

Success Stories

To date, NJEF has helped Red Bank, East Windsor, and numerous other
towns and schools implement idle free campaigns. Read more about NJEF’s
Idle Free New Jersey success stories


NJ Environmental Federation’s Idle Free New Jersey campaign is helping school kids turn education into action.

In Switlick Schools in Jackson, NJ Environmental Federation worked with students on designing a power point presentation on the importance of reducing vehicle and bus idling around the school. They presented it to the school and the town council, explaining the harm idling vehicles create and the benefits of reducing idling. The council agreed to do more to enforce the law and helped inititate an eductional no-idling campaign. As a result of their efforst, the students and teachers were given our “Grassroots Environmental Leadership Award” at our 23rd conference in April 2009.

St Peters studentsNJ Environmental Federation also gave the student council of Saint Peter School an award for their work in promoting an “Idle Free New Jersey” campaign in their schools and their community. The students created a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) with the goal of teaching others to help clean up air pollution by turning off their idling vehicle engines. As a result of the kids work, Ocean County declared April to be “no idling” awareness month.

Also, here’s a link to the 102 page report for the regulations of this nanny state law:

Compilation of State,
County, and Local
Anti-Idling Regulations

So, the question that you have to ask…Is Governor Christie willing to give up this type of tyrannical control created by Corzine and give the people of Jersey their freedom back?

My answer to the above question:  Hell no he’s not going to give up the power and control over the good people of Jersey, he’s going to lead these people to the slaughter just like the Democrats have been doing for years.

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