The Politics of Food

By Barbara Groves

Yeah, I  know, you’re tired. You’ve worked a long day, the boss is a real ass. Your co workers got on your nerves. The fat lady in the next cubicle had to tell you all about her gyno visit. I know, I deal with it on a daily basis too. Then you get home, and instead of coming home to a quiet house and relaxing with a beer, a glass of wine, or tea (whatever your beverage) you now have miserable, hungry kids to deal with. You have laundry spilling out of the washer. Little Jane needs to go to violin practice at 7, and little Bobby needs help with his math. Your spouse is hiding somewhere. So, what’s for dinner, mom? You look around the cupboard and see nothing easy to make. Ok kids, into the car, we are getting McDonalds again. This is, what, the 3rd time this week you bought fast food. You tell yourself that it’s ok, my kids are pretty active. They can handle it. Besides food is getting expensive nowadays. But why? Why are you doing this to your kids, and yourself?

First, let me say Scott and I don’t have kids, so we don’t go through what most families go through today. However, we both know the working world and what pressure it is. We also know that from the things we have read, American’s food is becoming non existent. We see lines around the corner at McDonalds, Chik-Fil-A, and other fast food joints everyday, and we both want to gag. Though, it is that persons choice, and we would never take that away from them. So, why am I writing this blog? Well I am a product of the fast food, fast life generation, and I have decided no more for either of us. Especially after seeing movies such as Food Inc, and Supersize Me. I used to be over 300 lbs. Now I am still overweight at 200 lbs, but I am fighting back against it. I will be honest, I have skin that hangs, and stretch marks. It sucks. I will have to eventually have this surgically removed, and that should have never happened. I used to eat McDonalds, Burger King, and other things 3 or 4 times day. Till finally one day, I said enough. At 30 years old, I had to teach myself how to cook. However, what I didn’t realize is, the food I was cooking was just as bad as fast food. A year ago, you could not have not gotten me or Scott into a Trader Joes. I was dating a guy who was an idiot first and foremost, but I thought it was a scam. Organic food. Pffffft! Now, I realize that even though Liberals piss me off on a daily basis, they are right about one thing, corporate food is killing us.

Have you looked at whats in a can of soda? Diet soda? Have you seen what goes into Reeses peanut butter cups? Kraft Macaroni and cheese? Well, have you? How about these lovely chemicals:



MSG. Otherwise known as Mono sodium Glutamate.


This is just a small sampling of what man made chemicals are in our food. Do you really know what is in the chicken mcnugget? Well, it sure as hell isn’t chicken. Or beef, if you want to get into that hamburger thing.

After I saw the movie Supersize me, I made a promise I would never eat McDonalds again, and we haven’t. Though once in a while we do get Burger King or the occasional shake. Though we have cut most of that out. There is nothing wrong with having it once in a while, but those lines I see on a daily basis scare me.

Great saying;  “The world won’t change so you have to change” Sad,but true..

So what do you do now mom? Do you take your kids to McDonald’s? Do you order a pizza? Do you grab that sodium infested can of Campbell’s soup? Or the Genetically Modified Roast Beef in the freezer? Do you have much of choice? No, and the government made it that way. They have single handily  broken up the family. Now, most mothers work, and can’t cook for their kids. The result is drugged, fat, diabetic kids. They sit in front of the TV all day playing games, because that is a pseudo baby sitter.  I rarely hear kids outside playing anymore. That is sad. I was told when I was young, that I was not to be seen till the street lights came on.

So why are our farmers letting this happen? Well, they are about the worst lobbyists. If you look at any article the lobbyists for salt, sugar, and anything genetically modified of meat and poultry outweigh any of our natural needs, such as fruits and vegetables, and grass fed natural beef and poultry.

So, let me tell you something mom: It took me only 20 minutes to make my own Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. After having them, I will never again buy out of a vending machine. Also, you can make your own stock, and make a soup that can last for days. No more screaming, hungry, kids. Also, if they are hungry, how about offering them fruit and natural chips instead of the crap in the grocery store. How about making your own yogurt, instead of that sugar laden crap they sell in the grocery store,  it is quite easy, and I intend to make my own soon after some researching.I also intend on canning my own jams, and guess what they still last forever just like the store bought.

Hey, I work screwball hours, and last thing I want to do when I get home is cook a meal.. So, on Fridays when work is dead, I sit there and start planning our meals for the week. I do my shopping, and make sure that we have enough for the week. How hard is that?

It is your choice. If God ever blesses Scott and I with children, I will never, ever put that poison into their bodies. I do not want them to turn out like I did. However, this past few months Scott and I have gone organic and natural, and make most of our meals at home. We have never felt better.

I still drink diet soda, I am planning on getting off of it soon. But, the thing is I know my ingredients and know what is now bad and good for me.

So, do you still want that McDonalds? I know I don’t.

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